Software Standards

208004 PLASQ All Comic Life Comic Life is used for creating school projects, how-to guides, flyers, storyboarding, lesson plans, book reports, etc. $2.49 per license  MAC / PC 
208001  AirSquirrels   Reflector 2 Reflector is a wireless mirroring and streaming receiver that works great with Google Cast, AirPlay and AirParrot 2  $9.00 MAC / PC / ANDROID 
208011 VMware   Fusion Pro 10 Run Microsoft Windows with the Mac OS $85.20 MAC
208010 VMware   Fusion Pro 10 UPGRADE from v7 or v8 Run Microsoft Windows within the Mac OS $70.28 MAC
  Edmentum All Beyond High School Library Provides support for College and Career Assessments that all student must have to graduate $22.50 Web based
  Smart/Chariot Group All Smart Notebook Productivity software used with Smart Products (Smartboard, etc.) District purchased license Mac/PC
  United States Academic Decathlon Acadeca Academic Decathlon pdfs  Materials for Acadeca  need quote  
  Doceri  Classroom management  Doceri Desktop 

Used with free Doceri iPad App

$30  Mac/Pc 
  Lego Education Computer Programming/STEM X-code

Allows students to build apps for iOS. There are specific criteria that need to be met before this will be loaded on computers.  Contact Kevin Duffy. 

Free Mac 
  Lego Education CTE/Robotics/STEM Lego Mindstroms Education EVA Software

Works with the newest Lego Kits, the EV3


$400 site license  
  Cogmation Robotics     CTE/Robotics  Virtual Robotics Toolkit   

licenses based on number of computers  
  EA CTE/STEM Sim City

Used for a variety of competitions

subscription based  
  CTeLearning  CTE Mobile App Design and Development

Used for developing mobile Apps. 

$45 per license  
  Delcam CTE Artcam Express 2013

Designing and manufacture 2D and 3D models

$149 per license  
  Lego Education  CTE RobotC for Lego Mindstorms

Required for programming the CPU for robits.

$599/30 licenses  
  Certiport CTE Certiport Variety of exams for CTE certifications need quote  
  CDX Automotive Jones and Bartlett Learning CTE CDX Automotive Resource Kit CDX provides an online resource kit that include interactive activities, animations, schematics, and videos. approx $2500 but needs quote  
  GraphiSoft CTE EcoDesigner for ArchiCad15 Software for Eielson's CTE program - only approved for Eielson    
  Solid Works CTE Solidworks Software for Eielson's CTE program - only approved for Eielson    
  CareerSafe CTE CareerSafe Teaches students safe work habits and information relevant to teenaged entry level workers. $25 per license  
  Napa Tracs CTE Tracs Link Software Management software to write repair orders, etc. Need quote  
  LexiComp CTE/Pharmacology LexiComp Preferred online drug handbook   need quote  
  SpringShare  Digital Literacy  Lib Guides  LibGuides supports digital literacy through the creation (by librarians) of research guides in a media-rich format.   Free or Pro Version  Mac/PC 
  Learning A-Z Language Arts/Reading  Raz-Kids 

Leveled, interactive e-books

Subscription based  web-based
  Griffin Technology  Language Arts/Reading  iTalk Sync Used with the iTalk Premium App to import recordings.  Free Mac
  Star Walk Media  Language Arts/Reading Star Walk Kids Media Interactive e-books subscription based



Voyager Sopris Learning

Language Arts/Reading Ticket to Read Ticket to Read® is a self-paced, student-centered online reading program. Subscription Bsed Web-based
  Vocabulary Spelling City  Language Arts/Reading Spelling City Teaches spelling and vocabulary subscription based web-based
  Turnit in Language Arts Turnitin

Plagiarism Prevention software

subscription based web-based
  Enchanted Learning  Language Arts Enchanted Learning Online Curriculum Material  subscription-based  downloadable 
  Renaissance Learning Language Arts/Math

All Ren Learning Products

All Ren Learning Products are approved


  Scholastic Language Arts/Reading

Reading Counts


subscription at site level

  NWEA Language arts/Math/Science MAP Research-based,computerized assessments

district subscription for grades 5, 7, 9

web based
  World Book Library  World Book Digital encyclopedia purchased by LMS for the district.

District Subscription

  iXL  Math/Language Arts iXL Interactive content for Math and Language arts.  Includes apps for iPads and Androids.

Subscription based 

  Kuta Software LLC  Math  Kuta 

Kuta software allows teachers to create multiple versions of additional drill and practice specific to individual student needs.

need quote  Mac/PC
  Compass Learning  Math Odyssey Math Odyssey Math, published by CompassLearning®, is a web-based K–8 mathematics curriculum and assessment tool designed to allow for instructional differentiation and data-driven decision making.  Subscription based - District-wide - SPED  Web-based
  3P Learning Math Mathletics

Offers differentiated math instruction.

subscription based web-based
  TUG Math LaTeX

Used to create equations and graphs generated by Microsoft word.

  AreteLabs (Interstellar) Math Live Online Academic Competition

Web application to support Math Madness on-line competition

$17/per license Web-based
  Sumdog Math Sumdog

subscription based web-based
  Wolfram Math/Science Mathematica for the Classroom

Used to demonstrate volumes created by revolving a curve around an axis

$49 per license  
  Android Math/CTE Android Studio

Utilized for programming Android and FTC robots.

Free PC/Mac
  Arduino Math/CTE Arduino

Used to program Arduinos

Free PC/Mac
  Kent University/Oracle Math/CTE Blue J Used to program Java Free  PC/Mac
  MIT/FTC Math/CTE Virtual Box/MIT App Inventor Used to program FTC robots Free Pc/Mac
  Code Blocks Math/CTE Code Blocks The open source, cross platform, free C, C++ and Fortran IDE Free  
  Eclipse Math/CTE Eclipse

Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers

  MuseScore  Music  MuseScore Create, compose, arrange, and transpose print music for lesson development  free PC/Mac
  JTheory Creations Music eMusic Theory This program is level based to tailor quizzes and assessments for the music curriculum. subscription based  
  Make Music Music Finale Includes most Finale products School based purchases  
  Cooper Institute  PE  Fitness Gram Assess youth fitness.  BMI portion of the software is not permitted.  Subscription based web-based
  Respondus Assessment Tool for Learning Systems  Productivity Respondus 4.0 Converts test banks in Word into a format that can be used with Canvas. $149 per license PC
  Squirrels Inc.  Productivity  Reflector App Allows iOS devices to connect to computers.  $8.00   
  Insight/Gradecam Productivity Gradecam

Used to quickly grade multiple choice question quizzes using an iSight camera on your computer.

subscription based Web-based
  Planbook Productivity

Online lesson planning.

 free or subscription based web-based
  Instructure Productivity Canvas

Learning Management System

District subscription web-based
  Google Productivty Google Apps for Education (GAFE)

Google Drive and all associated applications

District subscription web-based
  Microsoft Productivity Microsoft Office Suite

Includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook

District subscription PC/Mac
  Adobe Productivity Adobe Suite

Includes Photoshop, Flash, Acrobat, Illustrator, InDesign, Fireworks, Dreamweaver

District subscription PC/Mac
  Danielson Group Productivity Teachscape

Training for Teacher Evaluation

District subscription assigned to specific people. Web-based
  Pearson RTI AIMSweb

Universal Screening tool

District subscription web-based
  Harcourt RTI StoryTown Intervention Station

Supports improving reading skills

subscription based web-based
  Read Naturally RTI Read Naturally

Fluency product for Tier 2 and 3 students

District purchased web-based
  Don Johnston SPED Co:Writer Universal

Integrates word prediction across the most popular writing devices


$50.00 per licenses  
  Achieve 3000 SPED Achieve 3000

This program allsow teachers to present low readers with grade-level material at their lexile level.

$65 per license  
  Inclusive Technoogy Inc SPED Help Kidz Learn

It is specialized to work with one to two switch activation.

$85 per license  
  Scholastic SPED Scholastic Read 180 and System 44

Reading support, progress monitoring, IEP goals for secondary students

Need quote web-based
  Text Help SPED Read, Write, Gold

Available for home use with a USB thumbdrive.

Read anything on a screen; scan documents to make them accessible for text-so-speech; read DAISY books from Bookshare; assistive writing features.

District License web-based
  Don Johnston SPED uPAR

Determines the right accommodations for reading and demonstrates the need for accessible instructional materials (AIM)

  SALT Software, LLC SPED SALT 2012 Clinical Software

Evaluates language and compares student language samples to their grade level peers.

$124. per license  
  LessonPix SPED LessonPix

purchased by SPED web based
  NWEA SPED Test Translator/EAS Site Readiness

The software will be used to take the results from the NWEA/MAP to create a learning path in Odyssey Math.

Purchased by SPED server based
  Don Johnston SPED Snap & Read Universal

This software offers a simple solution to accessible educational materials to students, teachers, and family/home.  This is a pilot.

SPED is purchasing 1 license per school. web-based
  Pearson SPED GFTA-3 Q global Kit

This is a digital assessment tool for SLPs.

$299 per license software
  World Trade Plus  Social Studies A-Z World Cultures

Source for cultural information

Subscription based  web based
  Tiki Toki  Social Studies Tiki-Toki Creates interactive timelines $125  
  Pearson Spanish Abriendo Paso:Gramatica Student Edition Software used with the AP Exam Subscription based  
  Typing Agent  Typing Typing Agent District purchased  web-based 
  Apple  All Pages

Support digital media creation on laptops for use w/ iPads.

$9.99/per license  
  Wolfram Mathematica  Math & Science Wolfram CDF Player Enables interactions with Wolfram's Demonstration Project.  Free web-based
  Blake eLearning   Reading (phonics, comprehension) Reading Eggs Used for special education in addition to non-computer reading programs $291/per license web-based
    Technology, Art, Science, Math, Geography Minetest (comparable to Minecraft in Ed) A near-infinite-world block sandbox game that allows students to work together to solve problems in a variety of subjects. Free web-based
  Capstone Reading, Science PebbleGo Reading & Research of Science content in the fields of animals and Earth & Space for K-3. $347.50/per License web-based
  PowToon Limited English 12 PowToons Allows students to make professional-quality animated presentations. Free for 1yr trial offer web-based
  Blake eLearning Math Mathseeds For special education students to be used as a supplemental addition to the non-computer math programs. $256/per license web-based
  WIDA-University of Wisconsin ELL WIDA Model Student Assessment For English Language Proficiency Benchmarking. $8.53/per license web-based
  Blackboard Grading (for staff use) Easy Grade Pro Teacher gradebook.  $48/per license software suite
  Tumult Math Hype Allows to develop HTML5 web content and animations. Used to create widgets and incorporate more math related content for Adv. 6th grade math. $35.99/per license Mac, iPhone, iPad
  Prodigy  Math Prodigy Math Game Game is used as a source for student placement assessments in math and focusing in on core concepts and application-based on student learning and/or individual needs. Free web-based
  Imagine Learning, inc. ELL Imagine Learning A supplemental ELL Development program to support ELL acquisition of K-6 ELL students.  $150/per student Cloud-based: PC, Mac, Chromebook, iPad, Android
  ELLevation Education ELL ELLevation ELL management tool including student test data from past years and individual ELL plans, supporting personalizing instruction for students, and parent communication.

$425/ELL staff (Phase1)

$2500/All Teacher Access (Phase2)

   Cambium Learning (Voyager Education) Math-Special Education vMath Live Replaces Larson's Math. A game that allows students to master math content at their own pace   $200/per classroom (25 stu) web-based
  International Geogebra Institute Math Geogebra Explores geometric shapes dynamically Free web-based
  Google  All Google Chrome Internet Browser which supports all Google Apps faster and easier. Free web-based
  Person Vue, Certiport  CTE ACU Exam Voucher Allows students to take exams in becoming certified in Autodesk Revit and Autodesk Inventor computer design programs. $73.50/per license web-based
   Tobii Dynavox SPED/Reading Accessible Literacy Learning (ALL) This reading program will increase and develop literacy skills among non-verbal students.  $80/per license  Software